The Polish Farm Advisory and Training Centre not-for-profit Sp. z o.o.

We are a private not-for-profit company dedicated to providing farm advisory services to farmers; enhancing and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit in rural areas;

increasing general public’s awareness about the possibilities of accessing EU funding; and fostering the rural development and rural business start-up in general.

Our main goal is to improve the livelihoods of farmers by offering them the best and most professional and personalised advice in the field of agriculture and according to the context of their own business needs and aspirations. We believe that agriculture is one of the core drivers of economic growth in Poland, and therefore we want to contribute to the productivity and competitiveness of Polish farmers. Ultimately, our services cater to well- and newly- established farm entrepreneurs of all ages as well as to those who want to enter the farming profession, establish a second agri-business, or simply start up a non-agricultural business in a rural area. We aim to help create sustainable farming and rural businesses, enhance the profitability and revenues of farmers, and increase the attractiveness, vitality and quality of life in rural areas.

Furthermore, we encourage entrepreneurship among young people from rural areas and seek to stimulate the concept of agri-sustainability by promoting multifunctional farms and empowering farmers to process on-farm and sell their products directly to the consumer. This makes their business more economically viable and gives their products added value, as well as simultaneously makes the entire agricultural sector in Poland more competitive by fostering the development of high-quality, traditional goods. This aspect of continuous personal and professional growth is crucial to our ethos as we engage in promoting the concept of lifelong learning through European projects in the field of vocational education and training (VET) and sharing best practice examples and training materials at local and national level by making them available to the general public, targeting the rural population in particular. One of our main aims is to provide the population of rural areas with the same level of knowledge and access to information and vocational education and training (VET) as is available in urban areas, by making it more accessible to the rural people via effective dissemination of information, distribution of training materials and knowledge-sharing activities in rural areas. Furthermore, we organise numerous training courses for farmers and businesses, provide networking opportunities and belong to the network of private farm advisors in Poland.

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